What is a master plan?

    A master plan is a guide to future works and developments, not necessarily a blueprint to start building or implement immediate changes. The process of developing a master plan considers the reserve and facilities in relation to current and future stakeholder needs, recommending a conceptual layout for improvements, upgrades or future works on the facilities and/or reserve.

    What is the project time frame?

    • Community consultation period 6 weeks. 
    • Approval period 6 weeks.
    • Design and documentation period 12 months.
    • Approval period 3 months.
    • Construction of stage one 12 months.

    Why can’t the current buildings be upgraded?

    The replacement of the Harvey civic buildings was first identified in 2003 and programmed for action in 2010. A needs assessment for the replacement of the buildings was developed in 2014. This project was placed on hold due to the Yarloop-Waroona Fires in 2016.


    The Shire of Harvey undertook an architectural inspection and services compliancy test of the Shire’s administration buildings health and safety concerns. The detailed report can be found as attachments to the Ordinary Council Meeting 23 March 2021.

    Due to the complexities of the report and the ongoing expensive major work to be undertaken, Council determined that the redevelopment of the administration building was to be included in the planned precinct.

    Why do we need two offices?

    The Shire administrative offices have been split between Australind and Harvey since the 1980s. The outcomes from an independent business analysis indicate that community facilities and Shire administrations are required in both locations.

    What is the proposed size of the two buildings?

    The total area of the community facilities, the library and the administration building in Harvey is approx 4,500 square metres.

    The assumed area for Australind library, administration building and community facilities is approx 6,000 square metres to cater for current and future needs. The total area will be confirmed once community consultation has finished. 

    What are the proposed sites in Australind?

    Three potential locations have been identified, with an option for facilities to be split over two or more locations: 

    • The existing Administrative office and library site near Ridley Place.
    • Treendale Triangle at the crossroads of Grand Entrance and Ditchingham Road.
    • Unused portion of the Leschenault Leisure Centre site, adjacent to the existing centre. No sports fields or existing facilities will be compromised by the proposed precinct.
    • A combination of two or more of the above.

    How much parking will be provided and will the surrounding roads change?

    In Harvey, the sports ground parking will be increased to include parking for both the sporting facilities and the community and Shire parking needs. There is provision for accessible parking. 

    Parking at the proposed Australind offices will depend on the final location of the community precinct.

    How will you manage heritage buildings?

    In Harvey, all of the heritage identified buildings will be retained and updated or repurposed.

    Will community be consulted?

    For the Australind community precinct, we’re seeking community feedback on a preferred location and required community facilities for concept designs to commence. 

    For the Harvey community precinct, we’re seeking community feedback on the completed draft master plan for the proposed Harvey community precinct. 

    You can have your say by completing the survey online, asking for a hard copy at your local library or administrative centre or by speaking to our survey staff at one of our pop up community consultations in Australind, Harvey and Treendale. 

    I don’t live in Australind or Harvey; how will I benefit from this?

    The community and administrative facilities will service the entire Shire of Harvey.

    What are the benefits to community members?

    The Shire is motivated to invest in quality design to provide buildings that are socially, functionally and financially successful to encourage confidence and wellbeing in the community, enhance cultural richness and offer an enduring legacy.

    Accessible, safe and welcoming facilities that contribute positively to the communities’ sense of place.

    How will the project be funded?

    The budget will be made up of borrowings, grants, potential land sales and reserves set aside for these projects. The Shire is actively pursuing grant funding where possible.

    Is this the best way to spend rate payers’ money?

    Council aims to cater for the most effective and efficient manner to service the diverse needs of a growing community.

    Ongoing expensive maintenance of the existing buildings is not the most efficient way of servicing the needs of the community. Construction of much required facilities will enable the most effective servicing of the community needs between now and 2050.